What this blog is all about...

What this blog is all about..

Cloth Diapering.. obviously! I've been a fan of CDing since I've read about how much I could save money & the environment by using them. Now that I've started using them, there's no turning back! And I hope from this blog (however crazy it sounds) - if it doesn't make you want to CD your child, will at least help raise awareness on the benefits of CDing.. Enjoy!

Monday, 18 July 2011

SALE NOW ON @ babyultra cloth diaper shop

This is exciting!

Baby Ultra Cloth diaper shop is having its first INTRODUCTORY SALE from now till 31st July 2011.

We are giving everyone a chance to try different types of cloth diapers all at a cheaper, more affordable price. We have discounts on single items and we also offer packages of BambooLite, Sunnybaby & Coolababy diapers especially for those who want to try cloth diapering for the first time.

This is an opportunity not to be missed & I hope you'll take advantage of it. Remember that this offer stands for our READY STOCK items ONLY- on first come first served basis so hurry up! Grab your diapers today!

Visit BabyUltra Cloth Diaper Shop today!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Bamboolite review

I may be a bit biased on this matter since it's my favourite CD so far.

Izwan has been using the AI2 Lite CD- and although it's the Lite diaper, the performance is superb. Beats all the more expensive AI2s I've tried before. Basicly it means that you can get a great performing CD at a cheaper price & not all expensive CDs are any better.

There were no leakage issues even for my super heavy wetter boy- so no leakage so far (=happy mommy)

Trim fit for my slim boy. Adjusts easily too.

The inserts wash and dry easily, even when it rains.

Basicly a great diaper & worth recommending to others.

Looking forward to using more of these!

Friday, 17 June 2011

CD oh CD...

We're in our 2nd month of cloth diapering, and we're enjoying every second of it (well, at least i am..). So far we haven't had any major problems with the CDs. Izwan also seems to like being in CDs- he admires how cute they are and he doesn't mind walking in his CD without any other cloth on his body! Like today, he was walking in his CD & ultraman t-shirt while eating at a restaurant nearby, after he spilled some ribena on his pants... awwhhh.. he looked so cute!

As for my own cloth diapering 'journey', it has not been too bad after all. I'm talking about it with my colleagues whenever I have the time and I'm not surprised to find that most people haven't heard of it. So I've been 'preaching' nearly everyday regarding the benefits of cloth diapering so people will be more aware of it. Most of my friends aren't so keen because they can't stand the thought of having to wash the diapers everytime. Very little seem concerned about what we're doing to the environment by using disposable diapers.. it's such a pity. I guess going green hasn't reached far into the Malaysian hearts yet...

Some people think I'm being 'pro-CD' because I'm trying to sell them. Well, it's partly true. But my priority isn't that. I am honestly concerned about what we're doing to our kids & our environment. Exposing them to carcinogens are not part of my agenda as a mother. And letting them live in a sea of waste is also not in my agenda. I'm just trying to give them a better life, and a better place to live in. Also trying to make them appreciate mother earth more, and not take her for granted. Selling is a part of promoting a better life for everybody. That's how i see and feel about it.

I hope by blogging I could help open some eyes and hearts to being more generous to our earth. I wish more people see cloth diapering as a part of this, and not just a hobby or a money-making business...

Izwan passing by Iman with no worries in the world (in his CD!)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Going GREEN Part 1: Cloth diapers review UPDATE

It's me again and so far I've been cloth diapering for about 2-3 weeks (i think).

I've been getting a lot of responses from friends and family, most of them would start off by laughing at the idea of it (of all the people in the world, i was the last person they thought would do such thing.. hmm), but after seeing how eager i was about CDing, they'll start showing some interest in it.. they start asking questions about why i do it, practicality, choices, pros n cons etc etc etc... (u guys obviously haven't read my previous entry properly, right?).

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Going GREEN Part 1: Cloth diapers review

so far it has been about a week of cloth diapering izwan and so far, so good. we have experienced some leaks, but i have to admit that izwan's a heavy wetter (i should have known better and put 2 inserts instead of 1 yesterday at the park..)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Going GREEN Part 1: Cloth diapering the children


if u've read my earlier entries, u would know by now how much i'm in to my kids lately.. dont think it's just the hormones playing with my emotions, it's a whole load of stuff..